26 sep. 2012

The Hero vs The Bad Guy

They do get all the cool stuff, right? I mean, Darth Vader is so much cooler than Luke Skywalker, especially when you know who is hiding in there. :P Hell, I would even take Han Solo rather than Luke Skywalker. :P But then agina, he is a rogue. And they have so much hotter outfits, too.

Take BBC's Robin Hood for example. Sure, Jonas Armstrong makes a very dashing Robin Hood, I'll give you that. But, Richard Armitage's Guy of Gisborne is way hotter. He's dark and brooding, but at the same time you just know that there is a softer side in there somewhere, that the right woman will discover. And he is in black leather too.


Well, in this case it might be my love for Richard's Mr Thornton that makes me biast to him. But he is kind of alluring as Gisborne too. He's got that little teasing twinkle in his eye that I love.

And to tell the truth, I rooted for Brian de Bois- Guilbert's getting Rebecka in Ivanhoe. Sam Neill, when he was young, was totally dashing. I mean if she didn't get Ivanhoe, why shouldn't she go with Guilbert? Seriously... I still don't get why she said no.Okay, so he was in love with her against his will and all that. But still, he's more handsome than that Ivanhoe, whose just so meek. :P And, he's willing to risk everything just to be with her. Seriously, who can say no to that? I wish the got a second chance...

There seems to be this obsession with black clothes amongst the villains. Vampires often wear black, need I say more? Leather in all forms is very popular and, well, kind of hot. I wouldn't wear it, I don't get why anyone does, it's most uncomfortable and very warm.

And we must not forget George Wickham, the dashing bad boy of Pride and Prejudice. Because he is handsome, at least in the book, I don't care for either Adrian Lukis or Rupert Friend. Of course, we readers and audience, see through his dashing looks and winning smiles, Elizabeth does not until Mr Darcy's letter. Oh, and Mr Willoughby! What girl hasn't dreamed of being swept up in his wet arms?

The list may go on and on. Lots of handsome bad boys out there.

Who is you favourite bad guy, and why?

Read more about what I think about bad guys here (Hart of Dixie).

Jonas and Richard pics borrowed from Robin Hood TV show.
Sam from Knight Life.

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